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CarletonConnect is an innovative lending component supporting single channel integration to multiple lending technology platforms. CarletonConnect enables access to multiple services including document generation, electronic signing, and management solutions through a single API interface. CarletonConnect can be deployed within either a hosted or licensed ecosystem, and allows lending software providers to align with their existing infrastructure.

CarletonConnect handles all the heavy work associated with interfacing and the unique data formatting requirements of each lending software solution. For example, CarletonConnect fully supports the interface, data formatting, and document viewer requirements for CarletonDocs®, a static document generation solution as well as 3rd party dynamic document generation solutions.

Major values derived from CarletonConnect's unique single-API data sourcing include:

  • Multiple Vendors, One API - Provides standardized integration to partner vendors, including Dynamic Documents, eSign systems, eVaults, and others.
  • Complete Flexibility - Perform the entire lending transaction at once, handle each phase sequentially or individually, or return to a previous phase as needed.
  • Full Life Cycle Support - Can support other phases of the document lifecycle beyond document generation including digital signatures, eContracting, and archiving.
  • Data Driven - Connections can be included or excluded based on the specific transaction data.
  • Consolidated Document Sets - Connections can be made to multiple document generation vendors in a single transaction and merged into one document set.
  • Fully Pluggable - Uses a "plug-in" (connector) architecture allowing new vendors to be added at any time based on customer needs.