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Carleton is the leading provider of compliant loan calculation software for the student lending industry, playing a leading role in 1969 in the creation of Regulation Z Appendix J annual percentage rate ("APR") disclosure requirements. We continued this leadership supporting the computation of all student loan charges reported on the 1098-E as required in the 2004 IRS Final 221 Regulation including the Original Issue Discount ("OID").

In 2010, at the request of a consortium of major private student lenders, Carleton updated our student loan software to meet the new Regulation Z disclosures requirements illustrated in Appendix H. This student lending software is now used by many of the major private student lenders.

The CarletonCalcs® Student Lending Software supports all disclosure computation requirements including multiple disbursements, grace periods, origination and miscellaneous fees, fixed and variable rate loans, deferred payments, interest only and/or equal principal and interest payments, graduated payments, and optional capitalization of deferred interest, either quarterly, annually or at the end of a grace period.

The CarletonCalcs® software quickly and easily interfaces to a private lender loan origination or servicing system to perform all required computations in compliance with state and federal regulations. Carleton also offers student lending consulting services to assist in determining compliant generation of TILA disclosures and OID computations generated from loan origination and servicing systems.

Carleton's demonstrated strength and expertise is keeping our student loan partners and lenders in compliance today, as well as when regulatory changes occur.