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Carleton has had successful long-term relationships with our LOS and DMS partners since 1997 providing document generation services. CarletonDocs® can easily generate just a handful of documents or else larger inventories in that it is robust enough to support multiple lines of lending products and delivery channels on a nationwide basis.

CarletonDocs® can quickly be integrated into your software application as a DLL, web service, or web application. In addition, Carleton can provide its CarletonConnect solution, which supports multiple document providers as well as eSign integration all via a single API integration. All the heavy lifting for interfacing with CarletonDocs® is handled by Carleton.

Carleton's expertise in document generation services and CarletonDocs® ability to interface with software applications provides for rapid implementation not as easily achieved by other alternatives or by your in-house development team.

Flexible Document Support

Any document from any source can be included in a CarletonDocs® document set. Carleton supports custom documents, third-party vendor documents, major consumer lending documents, and government prescribed documents such as dynamic TILA/RESPA disclosure documents. Carleton's expert familiarity with all document providers makes it easy to integrate the proper documents into your client's custom-document sets.

Data Entry Support

CareltonDocs supports data entry for data not stored in your database. It is not uncommon for a lender to have a document that requires data not collected in their application. CarletonDocs® data entry solution eliminates the immediate need to make changes to your database and application.

Dynamic Document Sets

Carleton, working with your clients, defines all the documents required for each document set. CarletonDocs® supports the inclusion of documents that are required, optional, only included based on defined guidelines by your client, or based on individual loan transaction data. Our Dynamic Document Sets enable your clients, not their end-users, to control which documents are generated for each individual transaction.

Field Definition and Formatting Support

Carleton's 20 plus years of experience provides for a robust set of field definitions that has met every condition required by our clients for all lending lines of business. This formatting support helps ensure the individual documents are completed accurately and in compliance with the underwriting guidelines of the lender and regulatory statutes.

Document Preparation Support

Carleton's twenty years of experience supporting consumer loan calculations and lending documents uniquely qualifies our staff to provide an efficient, economical and rapid process for preparing documents for use within your lending application. In addition, our experience with lending regulations provides you with a dedicated team ready and able to provide fast and accurate preparation of your documents.


CarletonDocs® supports the electronic signature methods used in a lender's branch, a dealer's office, a consumer's home, or any combination. CarletonDocs® can define the signature requirements for every transaction. Who has to sign? Where? Under what conditions? Using what method? CarletonDocs® supports signature pad technology and any of the popular electronic signing services such as DocuSign.

Customer Service

Carleton commits to becoming experts in understanding your lending application so that we can provide you and your clients the best possible customer support. In addition, Carleton's proprietary production control system (PCS) and established support procedures ensure easy communication when submitting and monitoring all service requests sent to Carleton. As a Carleton partner, your company will have its own PCS web portal to submit work orders, change priorities and monitor work order progress.

Document Quality Testing

Quality testing of documents and dynamic document sets is assured by Carleton using a proven four-stage checking system. The range of testing includes using sample transaction data from your application and running test transactions from your application by Carleton, your staff, and/or your clients.

To order, please call 574-243-6040 to speak with a Sales Representative.