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Often cited by our own customers as a Carleton strength and value-added partner benefit, Carleton Support features a high level of client support services for all our solutions. Our key objective is to assure you achieve your goals and results, and provide every element of partnered support to make sure we continue to earn your trust.

CarletonCalcs® Support

Carleton implements and performs quality testing for lender financial parameters to meet federal, state, and lender requirements. Carleton stands ready to assist our clients in verifying that the Truth-in-Lending Fed Box disclosure calculations are accurate and that the interest and finance charge do not exceed the maximum usury charge limit allowed for a given state.

Carleton Document Delivery Support

Carleton and its software partners work as one to provide smart and effective single-source solutions for compliant document preparation.

The teamwork between Carleton and lending partners simplifies the implementation and ongoing support of a lender's document management solution. Carleton manages the loan calculations and the generation of all documents, while a lender's loan origination system (LOS) facilitates the printing and distribution of the documents. When updates are made to our customer's LOS, established procedures are in place to assure continued error-free aligned transitions to their document services.

Carleton document-supplier support services include:

  • obtain the provider's documents directly from Carleton
  • maintain a library of the documents for each document provider and lending institution
  • automatically update documents when document providers make changes.

Carleton Regulatory Maintenance Support

Within the framework of our solutions, Carleton provides ongoing maintenance support, including when a State or Federal regulatory changes require a modification to the Carleton software or its lending parameters. In these cases which happen with regularity, Carleton assists the lender to ensure the necessary modification is made in advance of the effective date related to the new regulation. Carleton's compliance department also assists in providing research, compliance assistance, and education related to changes in regulations as needed.

Value-Added Support Services

  • Various communications, including newsletters that advise of upcoming regulatory changes
  • A specialized compliance and research department that plays a collaborative role in making sure Carleton software remains in compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Basis of computations support for determining the proper parameter settings for a lender's own guidelines
  • Examination support should an examiner/auditor question any of the computations
  • Monitor Carleton hosted services by viewing uptime, performance and much more.