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Carleton's products and services are synonymous with consumer credit calculation compliance. Great pride is taken and priority given to maintain the position as the industry's leading authority with respect to loan calculation accuracy. Carleton clients receive compliance support from Carleton's Compliance team in three critical areas: constant monitoring for change in regulations through state and federal databases, continual testing and implementation of new quality control methods to ensure software calculation accuracy, and litigation support providing back up in any client legal support need.

  • State & Federal Law Database - Carleton's Compliance Department maintains a regulatory library and constantly monitors changes in state and federal regulations related to loan calculations. Carleton is also able to remain on the forefront of breaking legislative developments through a myriad of subscription services related to lending, professional legal relationships, active participation on law committees of national lending associations, and the compliance departments of many of the major lenders who are clients of Carleton.
  • Verification of Calculations - Our Compliance Department is involved in designing programs to test the accuracy of all Carleton calculations and ensures that an updated quality control program is in place to support the changes in regulatory compliance for all state and federal regulations.