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Suite of Modules (APIs)

CarletonCalcs® is comprised of a versatile set of specialized components, all of which can be configured to meet Federal, State, and/or lender-driven computational requirements. These modules reflect key elements required for the application of mandated calculations in their corresponding vertical business lines.

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CarletonCalcs® has been relied on by major lenders and software lending partners on a nationwide basis for the last 20 years. CarletonCalcs® suite of compliant calculation software components are designed to integrate with a software partner's lending and leasing applications. Applications include loan origination systems, loan processing systems, automotive menu selling systems and dealer management systems. CarletonCalcs® are designed to support all of your loan and/or lease product calculation requirements, while meeting the compliance requirements at lender, state and federal levels.

Accuracy and Compliance Support

Carleton has long been recognized in the lending industry for providing accurate calculations that are compliant with the federal and state lending regulations. CarletonCalcs® has the flexibility to meet the computational requirements of the lending institutions and the state and federal regulations on a nationwide basis.

Calculation Support

CarletonCalcs® library of calculation modules provides full support for commercial, mortgage, construction, consumer, lease, payday, irregular and student lending with or without credit protection. CarletonCalcs® supports loan origination, compliance validation, and loan servicing computations for each individual state and federal regulation nationwide.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

CarletonCalcs® modules are written in C which provides for a high level of platform portability. Carleton's development staff is very experienced with most of the popular hardware and software systems. CarletonCalcs® can be provided as a DLL, web service (hosted at client's location or Carleton), shared object, JNI or COM wrapped DLL. CarletonCalcs® has been successfully installed and available under the following: Windows, HP Unix, Solaris Unix, AS400/OS400, IBM Mainframe, AIX Unix, Red Hat Linux, and Fedora Linux. Carleton can provide both 32 and 64 bit versions of their modules.

Ease of Integrating

Carleton has integrated CarletonCalcs® solutions with over 75 lending software providers. Carleton's open-architecture design, well-defined documentation, and more than 25 years of experience working with system designers means the integration of CarletonCalcs® into another software solution is an easy task.

Research Support

Carleton has an industry-exclusive research department that assures CarletonCalcs® are accurate and compliant. Our research group will work directly with your compliance department and state regulators to make sure Carleton has accurately defined the basis of computations for your lending class(s) of business. We stand ready to prove the computations to the examiners.

Maintenance Support

Carleton's experienced development, research and customer support teams provide the proven assurance and peace of mind that your CarletonCalcs® stay compliant when future regulatory changes affect your lending products. Carleton can address any lender compliance concerns and customize software to meet any unique lending requirement. When regulations change, Carleton's team will have new software in place before the effective date of that change.

Customer Service

Carleton commits to having a thorough understanding of how lending applications use CarletonCalcs®, providing the best possible customer support. In addition, Carleton's proprietary production control system (PCS) and established support procedures ensure easy communication where submitting and monitoring all service requests sent to Carleton. As a Carleton partner, your company will have its own PCS web portal to submit work orders, change priorities and monitor work order progress.

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