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Carleton provides consumer lending seminars related to loan calculation, compliance, and understanding lending related regulations and statutes. Seminars can be provided at your site, at Carleton, or as a webinar. Because there is no single textbook available for comprehensive credit math education, Carleton offers the basic concepts along with the relationship to required Truth in Lending disclosures and applicable state statute provisions. Carleton can customize a seminar for a client's particular education requirements.

Below are examples of seminars presented in the past by Carleton:

  • Understanding the importance of an loan amortization
  • Why APR and Interest Rate are not the same
  • The difference between "Financing Values" and "Disclosure Values"
  • The concept of time calendars and their effect on interest accrual and, how it effects the calculation of the payment.
  • The difference between pre-computed and interest bearing loan transactions
  • How does the daily interest accrual or "simple interest" effect the credit disclosures
  • The concept of rebate/refund calculations
  • The elusive definition of "actuarial method"
  • Simple Interest Calculation Considerations Powerpoint
  • Refund Calculation Considerations Powerpoint