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Carleton has provided calculation support to all major credit insurance companies in the United States. We are uniquely qualified to provide credit insurance and debt protection software that will compliantly compute "all" credit protection products offered by credit insurance companies, while at the same time meet the consumer loan calculation requirements of the lender in all states nationwide. An associate member of the Consumer Credit Insurance Association for the last 35 years, Carleton plays a vital support role to the association when credit insurance regulatory changes occur at federal and individual state levels.

Our CarletonCalcs® lending and leasing software provides fast and accurate loan and lease computations with the full support of state regulated credit insurance and credit protection products. Most of the major consumer loan origination software providers in the banking and auto industry rely on Carleton's proven strength and experience to expediently meet the ever changing underwriting requirements of the credit insurance companies as well as the individual state insurance regulations.

Carleton's associates have years of experience effectively communicating with credit insurance actuaries as it relates to defining the computational requirements related to credit insurance products being sold. Carleton's partners benefit by fast and cost-effective implementation of credit insurance support for their clients.

Carleton also provides internet based menu selling loan applications designed to easily sell credit protection products for a consumer loan or lease. Please go to our CarletonAccess® section for a detailed description of our menu selling software.

Additionally, provide credit insurance support for the following products: life, accident & health, property, IUI, GAP, accidental death & dismemberment, permanent disability, and debt protection. For a detailed description of credit insurance calculation support please visit our CarletonCalcs® section