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Carleton, Inc. Promotes Sarah Way Milovich to General Counsel and VP of Compliance Following Jeff Buysse's Retirement


SOUTH BEND, IN, June 25, 2024 – Carleton, the industry leader in compliant financial calculations and lending document generation software, is pleased to announce the promotion of Sarah Way Milovich to General Counsel and Vice President of Compliance following Jeff Buysse’s retirement after nearly a forty-year career managing Carleton’s Compliance Services.

Jeff Buysse has been Carleton’s Vice President of Compliance Services advising lenders and regulators nationwide on the compliant implementation of federal and state lending regulations. He defined the calculation blueprint used within Carleton’s compliance software utilized by lending regulators across 13 different states. Jeff regularly served as an expert speaker at seminars and educational classes for state banking examiners and lending associations. Jeff has been integral in Carleton’s role of serving and guiding clients across all 50 states in their efforts to provide compliant loan calculations. Under Jeff’s leadership, Carleton’s Compliance Services have grown to include two attorneys, a compliance analyst, software developers, and client support personnel.

Following Jeff Buysse’s retirement, Sarah Way Milovich will take on the responsibilities as the Vice President of Compliance Services and General Counsel. Sarah joined Carleton in 2016 and has had the privilege of being mentored by Jeff Buysse. Sarah earned her Juris Doctorate from Loyola University School of Law in 2013 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Notre Dame in 2009. Sarah has managed Carleton’s Compliance Services since 2022 and was recently recognized as one of American Financial Services Association’s “Influential Industry Leaders”. Similar to Jeff’s impact throughout the industry, Sarah continues to exhibit Carleton’s strong regulatory knowledge as demonstrated by her recent appearance at the National Association of Consumer Credit Administrators Regulators’ Training Symposium as an expert panel member exploring the nuances of “All-In APR” calculations.

“I am very privileged to have been part of Jeff Buysse’s team and trained by him. Jeff is arguably the most senior expert in the United States regarding consumer credit math and its compliant implementation within over 250 federal and state lending regulations nationwide. Jeff has ensured that his legacy includes leaving a compliance team well-equipped to uphold the high standards he established in supporting our clients and regulators. Jeff has been and will continue to be a valuable mentor to myself and our team,” commented Sarah.

“Jeff has undoubtedly made a profound impact at Carleton and throughout the consumer lending industry. His knowledge and expertise in navigating the complexities associated with regulatory compliance have established Jeff as a respected leader in the compliance community,” stated Matt Ruszkowski, President and COO, Carleton, Inc. “We are also very fortunate to have Sarah as part of the Carleton leadership team and the management of our Compliance Services Department. Her last eight years working side by side with Jeff Buysse has given her invaluable knowledge and experience that ensures we will continue to provide our clients with the support and high level of compliance services built into our solutions. Sarah’s promotion showcases Carleton’s dedication to strengthening our compliance team, reinforcing our commitment to building our clients’ trust and being the experts throughout the ever-evolving compliance landscape.”

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