Compliance Alerts

June 2022


Effective State Changes



House Bill 1351 delays the implementation of higher road safety surcharges and road usage fees set to go in effect on July 1, 2022, and moves the effective dates to January 1, 2024, and April 1, 2023, respectively. Effective immediately.

On June 8, 2022, Governor Jared Polis signed Senate Bill 179 into law. This law allows a motor vehicle dealer to lose their license if the exhaust emissions parts are altered on a new vehicle. Effective August 10, 2022.

Senate Bill 223 was signed into law on June 7, 2022 and will allow motor vehicle dealers to deliver sold vehicles, documents, and test-drive vehicles away from its principal place of business. Effective August 10, 2022.



House Bill 749 was signed by Governor Ron DeSantis on June 3, 2022. Amongst other provisions, the act allows for canceling the renewal of a service contract in the same manner as the contract was purchased. Effective immediately.

Senate Bill 546 was enacted on June 23, 2022. The bill amends the Florida Consumer Finance Act and prohibits a licensee from charging a prepayment penalty for paying back all or part of a loan principal before it is due. The bill also states what assets or other surety bonds, or certificates of deposit are necessary to make a loan under the Act. Effective October 1, 2022.



Governor Brian Kemp signed House Bill 891 on May 2, 2022. Amongst other items regarding the servicing of loans made under the Georgia Installment Loan Act, this law obligates a new 0.125% fee on the gross loan amount for every new installment loan, refinance of an installment loan, or modification of any loan resulting in a new or amended agreement. This fee must be paid by the licensee and not charged to the borrower. Effective July 1, 2022.



House Bill 8 was vetoed on April 8, 2022, but the bill was overridden by the House and Senate on April 13, 2022. The bill imposes a number of new taxes and increases the county registration and renewal fees for electric vehicles to $140 and for hybrid vehicles to $70. Effective immediately.



Signed into law on June 2, 2022, by Governor Tim Walz, House File 3255 clarifies unlawful and unfair practices which car dealer manufacturers, distributors, and their affiliated entities are prohibited in engaging in with their franchise vehicle dealers. Effective August 1, 2022.



House Bill 2416 will now allow motor vehicle dealers to conduct sales and other activities away from their registered place of business. Effective August 28, 2022.



Senate Bill 442 requires the New Hampshire DMV to suspend registration privileges until all unpaid tolls and administrative fees are paid by the offender. It also prohibits the sale of said vehicle until those tolls and fines are paid as well. Effective January 1, 2023.



Senate Bill 5974 raises the Documentary Service Fee motor vehicle dealers can charge from $150 to $200. Effective July 1, 2022.






Colorado published Credit Insurance rate adjustments. Effective July 15, 2022.



The Department of Consumer Credit published the changes in dollar brackets for Retail Installment Sales and Consumer Loans. Effective July 1, 2022.



The Department of Consumer affairs has updated their Supervised Loans and Consumer Credit Sales dollar brackets. Effective July 1, 2022.



The Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner published dollar amount brackets and ceilings subject to adjustment in the Texas Financial Code for Retail Installment Sales and Consumer Loans. Effective July 1, 2022.