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Development Environment

Carleton utilizes the latest technologies available to implement our software solutions. Our development tools allow Carleton to develop cross-platform solutions to meet our client's needs for deployment on a wide range of platforms.

Carleton's Software Life Cycle utilizes industry best practices and processes for Project Definition, Design, Development, Code/Security Reviews, Quality Assurance Testing, Documentation, Deployment and Monitoring.

Carleton's quality assurance testing involves a four-tier approach which includes unit, integration, user acceptance, coded UI and regression testing. Regression testing of Carleton's calculation components is done through tools that house thousands of examples developed over 25 years. This ensures our calculations are accurate and compliant when a regulation change occurs.

Cloud Based Solutions

Many of Carleton's solutions are available as a cloud-based model, such as our web-based application CarletonAccess® along with SaaS products: CarletonCalcs®, CarletonDocs®, and CarletonConnect.

Safe and Reliable

Carleton's software is located at state-of-the art facilities that provide reliable, secure, scalable, and load-balanced solutions. With the solution available through Carleton, we can provide a 99.999% uptime of all hosted services in a safe and secure environment.

Multiple Locations

  • Data and servers replicated to multiple facilities
  • Fast connections from any location
  • Downtime is minimized
  • Scheduled maintenance is transparent

Disaster Recovery

Data replication between locations allows for minimal data loss in the event of a disaster.


Use of leading edge industry standard firewalls and Intrusion Prevention System allows Carleton to prevent unauthorized access to Carleton hosted data.


Additional resource readily available to continue to scale up or scale out to additional locations without the need for any downtime.


All systems are monitored 24x7x365 for availability.