Case Studies

CarletonAudit® Helped a Regional Lender Identify Loan Origination Irregularities to Achieve Ongoing Compliant Loan Calculations

AUDIT identifies past errors as a pathway to accomplish origination compliance

During the middle 1980’s, the challenge of the cold war era brought on a philosophy shared by both the United States and Soviet Union - “Trust but Verify”.  President Ronald Reagan expressed that philosophy as the foundation for a stable world.

That proverb still applies in the foundation for today’s financial services world of compliance.  As part of the July 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, lenders are challenged to implement loan origination processes to assure proper loan/lease computations in both their disclosures and loan documents.

This study represents one lender that confidentially shared their experience using CarletonAudit® as a solution to assure compliant loan origination calculations.